Saturday, December 03, 2011

The End of the Semester at Carolina ...

The end of the semester brings two things:
1. Exams, Stress, Never-ending hours in the library ...
2. Christmas Time at Carolina!  
One of my favorite things about the winter months here at school (and about the only thing that keeps me sane during finals ...) is the fact that absolutely EVERYONE gets into the Christmas spirit!  After talking with a few friends, I found out that this year the fraternities are     competing for the title of "Best Decorated House."  Tell me what y'all think!

Sigma Chi

(notice the Budweiser tree ...)

Sigma Nu


But the fraternities aren't the only ones getting into the Christmas spirit!  Phi Beta Chi has done some of their own decorating and celebrating!  Last night we had our annual Tacky Christmas Party which included Secret Santa, ornament decorating and watching Christmas movies.  
PBX tree :)

Mary and baby Jesus?


my little making her ornaments!

the roomie and I 
Another "friend" of mine also decided to get into the Christmas spirit - my big's puppy Samson!

If only there was no such thing as exams and we could just celebrate Christmas ...

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