Thursday, March 08, 2012

Marley Lilly

Spring is on its way which means only one thing: almost time for summer - my absolute favorite time of the year!  As much as I love the warm weather, beach trips and tan skin, there is something much more exciting about summer: clothes!  What do I mean?  Shorts and tank tops, big floppy hats and bows, sunglasses and croakies, bathing suits and monogrammed hats ... all of the time!  

Where to stock up on all of these amazing goods?  No other place than Marley Lilly.  EVERYTHING IS MONOGRAMMED!  Everything is adorable and sold at an exceptionally low price!  Some of my favorites are as follows:
.... and there are so many more.
Get ready for summer with Marley Lilly - you won't be disappointed :)