Saturday, August 27, 2011

American Eagle - More than Just a Brand

While Hurricane Irene is taking it's toll on North Carolina and I am stranded inside, I thought of no better way to celebrate the weather than to bundle up in a sweatshirt and catch up on blogging!  Don't tell my boyfriend - he thinks I'm doing "homework" right now!  

Y'all I am about 2 hours from the coast and even we are experiencing the damage of Irene.
 That's my front yard!  And yes, that is a TREE.  I have absolutely no idea what to do about this situation ... I hope my roommates know what they're doing.  From the looks above, it looks like we're all pretty helpless.

Last weekend I had a really neat opportunity.  One of my sorority sisters is a Campus Enthusiast for American Eagle and invited us to participate in their Freshmen Move-In.  We had about 40 girls from our sorority and about 20-30 people from other organizations come out.

We spent the afternoon passing out American Eagle products (water bottles, pens, coupons, etc.), as well as helping families move their freshmen children in.  It was an awesome experience and was so great to be able to help make the transition to college a little bit easier for these families.  The New York Times was there and interviewed incoming freshmen, as well as the move-in crew.  Yours truly was an interviewee :) The article will be in the newspaper tomorrow, August 28th, so check it out!

This week also marked the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!  I am taking 5 different classes - two economics classes, a psychology class and a personal health class.  I like my classes ... for the most part ... but it's going to be so much work!  I don't know how I will survive.  Here are some first day of school pictures :)

The roommates and I (minus one) on our first day!

Well y'all, I've got to get to work!  Stay safe and try to stay dry!

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