Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Bit About Now ...

It's funny because less than a week ago, I was talking with a friend of mine from work who kept trying to convince me that New Jersey was so much better than anywhere in the South.  And now, here I am watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey - don't get my wrong, I love this show - and now all I can think is, "Thank God I live here in the South."  I would never survive in Jersey!

Right now, there are 5 different pieces that make up the pie that is me (apple flavor probably.) 

- God.  I became a Christian when I moved to North Carolina, and though it hasn't been an easy journey, I cherish my relationship with God and am so thankful.  There is no other place that I can find as much peace as I do when reading the Bible or singing praise and worship songs.  

-My family.  My family and I have been through so much together and I am so thankful that we are as close as we are.  I can count on them to be there for me through thick and thin.  Not everyone can say that and I just feel so fortunate for them.
 Here we are - in CALIFORNIA, believe it or not!  How cute!

-My friends.  I have had the opportunity to meet so many people in my life and in all of the different places that I've been.  I've made great friends, and I've lost some too - but I have to trust that God has a plan for me.  There is one friend of mine who has been there for me through everything and though we have had some little tiffs, I know that I can count on her.  

Her name is Mary.  I hope she's okay with this little celebrity moment she is having on my blog!

Happy almost 8 months to my amazing boyfriend and I!  Girls, I am begging you right now - DON'T SETTLE, NO MATTER WHAT!  It wasn't until I met Jack that I learned how a girl should be treated.  Jack is so sweet and so respectful, he's made an effort to befriend my sister and get to know my family and has been there for me through everything.  Not to mention, he's really cute ;)

Hahaha he is going to be so angry when he see's this!  But I just think he looks so cute :)

Finally, my sorority.  I feel like I have every component wrapped into this one - my friends, my family, God and I get to bring my boyfriend to a lot of my events!  I belong to a Christian sorority - Phi Beta Chi - and I absolutely love it!
That's a brief update of where I'm at in my life right now.  But now, y'all will have to excuse me while I go and make some cookies!

Love y'all!

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